Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Basic Cyclocross Clinic This Sunday!

Sunday September 27th 1-3PM Joyride Bicycles in Lincoln will be holding a free basic cyclocross clinic. This clinic will be great for the beginner racer and the racer that still needs some work on the fundamentals of cross.

Cyclocross racer Sydney Brown will be conducting the clinic, showing the techniques for dismounting/remount, carrying, and handling barriers with your bike. Other topics will be on equipment, the basics of a cyclocross bike and what is needed to race.

Read more at Nebraska Cycling News


  1. Anyone know how this went or if they will offer another one?

  2. I was there. Really sweet beginners course with barriers made out of pvc. These type of barriers are great for beginners because they collapse if you happen to trip on them. Nobody showed. You'll have to talk to Sydney at if there is going to be another "free" cross clinic.

    Remember, this is a super enviroment to get some very knowledgeable and skillful help in cyclocross technique. I would recommend you don't mis the next one.

  3. No one showed?! That is a shame.

  4. Be that one person that shows and you're going to get some really sweet undivided attention