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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Results

Men's B 40+

3rd - Tom Price from KC, Omaha native
20th - Troy Krause

Cross Nationals - Nate Woodman on the stairs

Nate Woodman powering the stairs in Bend, OR at 1:25 in the video

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

CX Nationals Story on Oregon Public Radio

It can be found here.

Cross Nats quick result

Fresh off the Twitter feed, Shad Smith form KC 1st, Matt Tillinghast 10ish, Nate Woodman 20ish. UPDATE: MT 9th, MW 16th.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cross Nationals Build Up

Troy Krause recaps his past adventures at Cross Nationals as he prepares for the 2009 races in Bend on his blog at

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jingle Cross Video

Hard to beat this in 40 degree weather:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

At the Jingle Cross Rock in Iowa City it was really exciting to see the support for Nebraska riders, even across team lines. It was encouraging to hear a cheer from the crowd or help in the pits from other Nebraska cyclocross competitors. And Nebraska had some really good results--especially Troy Krauss and Matt Farnham 4th place and 6th place in Sundays cat 2/3 race.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jingle Cross Rock Quick Reports

Jingle Cross Rock Day 2: Men 2/3 Matt Farnham 7th, Matt Tillinghast - 9th, Nate Woodman- broken derailluer, Troy Krause- broken derailluer. Matt Gersib - broken bike. Kevin Murray - broken derailluer but a good finish anyway. Randy Crist Crist had a strong finish as did Rich Pearson

Jingle Cross Rock day 1: Highest placed Nebraska riders: Matt Tillinghast- 11th, Jesse Peterson -14th Kevin Murray and Randy Crist rode strong races. The derailleur death toll was quite high including Troy Krause and Mark Savery.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos from Lincoln CX

Here's a couple. More here.

Lincoln CX Sunday Results

Masters 40+ Men
1 Randall Crist (State Champ 50+)
2 Josh Taylor
3 Jim Winklepleck (State Champ 40+)
4 Dan Hansen
5 Kevin Burke
6 Dean Parker
7 David Kosark
8 Doug Long
9 Kevin Murry
10 Rich Pearson
11 Bill Anderson
12 Sean Craig

Women Open
1 Sydney Brown (State Champ Womens Open)
2 Michelle Jensen
3 Janna Vavra
4 Barbora Hanvoua
5 Darcy Rapp

Womens 4
1 Kim Carveth (State Champ Womens 4)
2 Melissa Benner
3 Elisabeth Reinkardt
4 Nancy Brown

Mens 3/4
1 Michael Gaherty
2 Dale Dinkelman (State Champ Mens 4)
3 Mark Laun
4 Josh Stamer
5 Rich Pearson
6 Tyler Selumancher
7 Randy Harpster
8 Craig Schmidt
9 Zacia Dubas
10 Rich Anderson
11 Kevin Murry
12 Scott Kiddoo
13 Sean Craig
14 Jeremy Eirenhauer
15 Vincy Asta
DNF Matt Gilhouse

1 Corey Godfrey (State Champ SS)
2 Chris Hansen
3 Keith Walberg
4 Dean Parker
5 Jeff Bonsall

Mens 4
1 Dale Dinkelman
2 Austin Dulaney
3 Brandon Harmter
4 Denny Kilbertson
5 Thomas Woods
6 Kip L'Heereun
7 Craig Schmidt
8 Rob Livermore
9 Robby Chavira
10 Robert Tucker
11 Jeremey Eisenhaure
12 Matt Oneil
13 Dane Oleson
14 Jeff Fkey
15 Michael Pecina
16 Tom Hansen
17 Clint Robinsen
18 Jesse Sherwood
19 Patrick Keelan
DNF J.P. Jamison
DNF Vincy Asta

Junior Men
1 Noah Burke (State Champ Junior Men)
2 Lane Bergen
3 Devan Compton
4 Alex Winklepeck

Mens 1/2/3
1 Brian Jensen
2 Shad Schreiner
3 Jesse Petersen (State Champ Mens 3)
4 Matt Farnham (State Champ Mens 1/2)
5 Troy Krause
6 Nate Woodman
7 Mark Savery
8 Matt Tillinghast
9 Mark Studaicki
10 Chad Carptenter
11 James Blake
12 Matt Gersib

Lincoln CX Saturday Results

1 Tom Price
2 Steve Songer
3 Andy Lucas
4 Randall Crist
5 Dan Hansen
6 Brendon Jenks
7 Jim Winklepleck
8 Davin Kosark
9 Dave Pitt
10 H Dean Parker
11 John Vondracek
12 Craig Schmidt
13 Matt Kessler
14 Scott Fleming
15 Joe Hooston
16 Bill Anderson
17 Keith Walberg
18 Scott Bigelon
19 Kevin Collins
20 Scott Kiddog
21 Robert Tucker
DNF Doug Lang

Women Open
1 Sydney Brown
2 Michelle Jensen
3 Barborara Hahusova
4 Janna Vavra
5 Darcey Rapp

Men 3/4
1 Michael Gaherty
2 Brady Murphy
3 James Blake
4 Ty Henson
5 Clark Lavin
6 Chris Hansen
7 Dale Pinkelman
8 zach Dubas
9 Ryan Feagan
10 Doug Lang
11 Rich Pearson
12 Matt Gilhousen
13 Tyler Selumancher
14 Chris Cdrneirson
15 Paul Eichler
16 Brandon Harpster
17 Shawn Hansen
18 Rich Anderson
19 Brewti Linn
20 Kevin Murry
21 craig smitty
22 Robert Greigg
dnf Michelle Jensen
dns Rob Livermore
dns Matt Kessler

Cat 4 Men
1 Austin Dulaney
2 Denny Kilbertson
3 Thomas Woods
4 Chris Shehan
5 Matt Oneil
6 Kip L'henreux
7 Dan Spray
8 Joshua Vapenik
9 Nancy Chavira
10 Rob Livermore
11 Kevin Collings
12 Jacab Pitt
13 Christopher Hansen
14 Glenn Houtchens
15 Mantin Bixby
16 Michael Pecina
17 Ryan Albertson
18 Craig Harding
19 Shawn Darnall
20 Aaron Rowland
21 Malcom Tassi

Cat 4 Women

1 Kim Carveth
2 Sandy Collins
3 Stacy McQueary
4 Emily Harrenstein
5 Nancy Brown

Junior Men
1 Lane Bergen
dnf Jasen Adams
2 Devan Compton
3 Alex Winklepleck

1 Corey Godfrey
2 Scott Fleming
3 H Dean Parker
4 Mike Douglas
5 Keith Walberg
6 Matt Kessler
7 Jeff Bonsall

Open Men
1 Brian Jensen
2 Shad Schreiner
3 Jesse Peterson
4 Matt Farnham
5 Mark Studnicki
7 Chad Carpenter
8 Nate Woodman
9 Matt Tillinghast
10 Matty Gersib
11 Jim Winkelpleck
12 Mark Savery
13 Corey Godfrey
14 Kevin Murry
dnf Alex Edwards
dnf Chris Wallace

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Compilation Video

Saw this over on BikeIowa. There's an amazing crash sequence around 2minutes into the video...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lincoln CX #1 Partial Report

Masters 40+:
1. Tom Price
2. Steve Songer
3. Andy Lucas
4. Randy Crist
5. Dan Hansen

Mens 3/4
1. Guy I don't know from SKC
2. Brady Murphy
3. James Blake

Mens 1/2/3 are here. Other results later, Some photos from the 3/4 race:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Nebraka Peloton

Swing over to the home of the Nebraska Peloton, a new blog for information on riders, teams, and happenings around the cycling scene in Nebraska.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hipsters Discussing CX

Sorry, I couldn't resist posting this

Lincoln CX Report

t-nuts sez:

Lincoln CX just a few days out...

Weather-wise, we've had it good here in Lincoln! Monday, just an hour to the South of us, they got 5 inches of snow. We got nothing. I can't even remember when the last time we had rain, like a couple weeks ago at least.

We've done our recon & the Pioneers course is going to be as sweet as always. With the lack of precip & me mowing it tight with the big mower from work it'll be fast & fun! Some new twists on Hooligan Hill are going to be great.

Weekend weather outlook, perfect.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lincoln Cyclocross Weekend Coming Up

Lincoln CX Weekend presented by Highgear Bicycle Store of Omaha & Monkey Wrench Cycles of Lincoln

November 21-22, 2009 - Pioneers Park, Lincoln, NE – USAC Permit #2009-2452 - Hosted by Midwest Wheelmasters a.k.a. Lincoln Industries/Highgear Cycling Team.

Cyclo-cross racing returns to Pioneers Park in southwest Lincoln for a 10th year. Pioneers Park offers up rolling terrain, a fast barrier section and the infamous “Hooligan Hill.” A fantastic warm-up for Jingle Cross in Iowa the following weekend!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

(On-site registration opens @ 9:30am)
Time Race Duration Payout Entry Fee
11:00am Men Masters 40+ 45 min. $50/$40/$30/$20/$10 $20
12:00pm Women 1/2/3 6 laps $60/$50/$40/$30/$20 $20
12:00pm Women 4 (Beginners) 4 laps Medals/Merchandise $20
12:00pm Junior Women 12-18 2 laps Medals/Merchandise $10
1:00pm Men 3/4 45 min. $50/$40/$30/$20/$10 $20
1:00pm Singlespeed 45 min. Medals/Merchandise $20
2:00pm Men 4 (Beginners) 30 min. Medals/Merchandise $20
2:00pm Junior Men 12-18 30 min. Medals/Merchandise $10
3:00pm Men 1/2/3 60 min. $105/$75/$65/$55/$45/$40/$35/$30/$25/$25 $25

(On-site registration opens @ 8:30am)
Time Race Duration Payout Entry Fee
10:00am Men Masters 40+ 45 min. $50/$40/$30/$20/$10 $20
11:00pm Women 1/2/3 6 laps $60/$50/$40/$30/$20 $20
11:00pm Women 4 (Beginners) 4 laps Medals/Merchandise $20
11:00pm Junior Women 12-18 2 laps Medals/Merchandise $10
12:00pm Men 3/4 45 min. $50/$40/$30/$20/$10 $20
12:00pm Singlespeed 45 min. Medals/Merchandise $20
1:00pm Men 4 (Beginners) 30 min. Medals/Merchandise $20
1:00pm Junior Men 12-18 30 min. Medals/Merchandise $10
2:00pm Men 1/2/3 60 min. $105/$75/$65/$55/$45/$40/$35/$30/$25/$25 $25

Race Registration:
On-site registration opens 90 minutes before the first race of the day and closes 30 minutes before each event
Register for additional events on the same day for only $10.

Race Rules:
Riders must present a USAC racing license at rider check-in.
USAC annual and 1-day licenses will be available for sale. $10 for 1-day license, $60 for annual.
One-day licenses are available for sale to riders competing in the Men 4, Women 4, Juniors, Masters & SS.
Mountain bikes may be used without bar-ends. Flat bars and disc brakes are allowed for USAC cyclo-cross racing.
Helmets must be worn at all times when on a bike.
Entry fee includes a $2 insurance surcharge for USA Cycling.
Nebraska riders must have USAC license to be eligible for USAC State Championship Cyclo-cross medals.
State Championship medals awarded to: Men 1-2, Men 3 (Men 1/2/3 race), Women 1/2/3, Women 4, Junior Men & Women, Men Masters 40 – 49, Men Masters 50 – 59, Men Masters 60+, Singlespeed (Open) and Men 4.

Pioneers Park – From I-80, take Hwy 77 South to West Van Dorn exit (watch for sign). Turn right on to West Van Dorn and proceed west to park entrance located on left side of the road. Follow signs to the bottom of the park.
Map to park
Race Director: Troy Krause -

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekend CX Practice-Omaha

If anyone is interested, I was thinking about setting up the Swanson course this weekend (Sat? Around 1PM?) and doing some practice racing, since i don't have time to head to KC this weekend. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Cross in Dead Moines

A muddy time was had by all at Spooky Cross. The course was extremely hard, with copious mud and soft, wheel-sucking turf, not to mention a bear of a climb. Some partial results by Nebraskans: Troy Krause easily won the Masters 45+ (and beat the other 40 odd riders in the heat, cat 3 and 35+, by over a minute); Randy Crist finished in the money in cat 3, placing 4th. Matt Farnham, Kevin Murray, John Vondracek, Craig Schmidt, Fr. Robert Tucker and Rich Anderson joined in the fun today as well. Update: Matt finished 2nd in the open race on Saturday and on Sunday, while Troy finished 4th both days in the open (I apologize if I missed any other podium finishes). Some photos from Saturday's action:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CX Wednesday

Monday, October 26, 2009

Norfolk Cross Results and Photos

EVCC did a terrific job hosting the Skyview CX Race. Course was a great change of pace from other courses in the Midwest, but brutally hard and fun, just the way cross courses should be. A report on the race is here. Results can be found at this link. Some exceptional photos by Lucas Marshall can be found here. More photos from the EVCC are hosted here. Another set of photos is available here.


Hey folks, sorry on the short notice but I've got to push CX practice back one day to Wednesday. We're doing inventory at the shop tomorrow so I'll be tied up all day. Hopefully some of you can still make it.

Daylight savings time starts Saturday night so it'll be dark by 5:45, yay! If anyone knows of a park that is lit well enough to ride under the lights we can keep it going. Otherwise we'll just have to postpone it until next year. If that's the case I'll try to do a better job of getting it started earlier in the year so we can really benefit from it. Or...I won't be racing the next two weekends so we could try to get something going Saturday or Sunday.

Anyways, see you all Wednesday.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Love from the MSM

A Chicago Tribune article on cyclocross. There's a nice photo essay that goes with it.

Bring a Moist Towelette to Norfolk

The Skyview CX Classic is still on with Mother Nature bringing us some good old-fashioned 'cross weather.

It promises to be a hoot, but you may want something to dab the mud off before going home. I do plan to have a hose and running water available.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skyview CX Classic is this Saturday

More cowbell!

The inaugural Skyview Cyclocross Classic is coming October 24! Approval has been granted for the use of Skyview Park in Norfolk for what should be a fantastic event, and the first CX race to be held in Norfolk, ever.

The course features lots of elevation change, a barrier section, and what may be a tough run-up. We have worked hard to make this a course worthy of the trip to Norfolk, and hope to see you all there!

Check out the race flyer and course map

View Skyview CX Classic in a larger map

CX Practice Tonight-Omaha

Finally, good weather for cross practice. Seymour Smith Park @ 5:30.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nebraska Riders Take on Kansas

This is just a quick recap of the weekend in Kansas - comment with more/missing results and details.

Boulevard Cup

Good day for Nebraskans in KC. Sydney Brown won the open womens race, Craig Schmidt won the master 40+ cat 4 race (23 riders-heck of a number for that class), and Randy Crist won the cat 3 race.

Capital Cup

There were a number of Nebraska riders in attendance. Vaughn Pierce and Rich Anderson were in the cat 3 mens race and rode well; Mark Savery, Troy Krause, Nate Woodman and Matt Tillinghast raced 1/2/3, with Troy finishing on the podium in 4th; Craig Schmidt had a great result in cat 4, finishing 2nd. Randy Crist was 2nd in Cat 3.

On the women's side, Sydney Brown duked it out early with Catherine Walberg but took over the lead on the second lap holding on for the win.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

CX Tuesdays???

Who's up for CX practice on Tuesday nights? I've got a good practice course at Seymor Smith park by the soap box derby track. The course includes a paved climb, gravel climb, gravel/sand trap, and we can get a high speed barrier section too. I'm thinking 5:30ish. Two lap, five lap and three lap mini races.

All levels are welcome, don't be shy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

OCW Day 2

Sean Weide has written a very nice summary of the second day of OCW here. Thanks to everyone that came out. The next leg of the CXNE Series should be a blast-EVCC always puts on quality events. John Peterson has added a photo gallery here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Regional Cross Races

I was going to do this, but John beat me to it (and I appreciate it). He has a great summary of the cross races in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas/Missouri here.

Omaha Cyclocross Weekend Day #1

The first day of OCW is in the books. The weather was excellent, with the right touch of cold (temps hovered in the low 50s), and the course was in great shape. The 3/4 race was fast, with Matt Farnham (Kaos) dominating the field. Matt took off half way through the first lap, never to be seen again. Randy Crist (Velo Veloce) finished second, and Ryan Legg (Lincoln Industries) finished third. The Masters race had a similar feel, with Dan Hansen (unattached) taking off and blitzing the field. Rich Pearson (Kaos) rode and excellent race to finish second, and Pete Duryea (Velo Veloce) couldn't quite reel Rich in and had to settle for third. The open womens race was won by Janna Vavra (Team Fire), who looked very smooth on her single speed. Cat 4 was a tight race, with Ted Lechnowsky (Velo Veloce) dueling with Mike Miles (Kaos), and Ted pulling away at the end for a 10 second win. Junior men was won by Jacob Gottberg (Bike Way), and cat 4 women by Barbora Hanusuoa.

The cat 1/2/3 mens was an exciting race, with small gaps between places 1-5. Troy Krause (Lincoln Industries) led out the opening lap, with Nate Woodman (Monkey Wrench) in 2nd. Nate took the lead on the second lap in the 60 minutes race and held it all the way through. The battle for 2,3 and 4 was fought by Matt Farnham, Jesse Peterson (Monkey Wrench) and Troy Krause, with Troy in 2nd during the early part of the race, Jesse taking over for a few laps, and Matt, doing his second race of the day, finally putting in a surge that brought him as close as 10 seconds to Nate. By the time the last lap rolled around, Nate had a 20 second gap over Matt, with Jesse 15 seconds behind Matt, and Troy another 10 seconds back. Matt Tillinghast in 5th rounded out the mens podium.

Chris Cross Next Weekend


CONTACT: Chris Locke

PHONE: 816.468.4831


Kansas City Cyclists Race and Donate
October 3, 2009 – KANSAS CITY, MO – Kansas City Cyclists will come together for the second race of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series presented by Paceline Products <> on October 11, 2009, 10am to 2pm, at University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas.

The 6th Annual Chris Cross Cyclocross race moves to a new venue that has been dubbed one of the best cyclocross venues in the Kansas City area. The course will be a 3 kilometer loop that includes uphill start, a 700 meter section of cobbles, grass, dirt roads, steep run-ups, flowing and off camber turns all within the beautiful setting of the University of Saint Mary Campus.
Cyclists from all over the Midwest will come together to race for awards, merchandise and cash prizes as well as donate much needed supplies for the Forest Avenue Women’s Shelter in Kansas City, MO. Participants and spectators are encouraged to bring donations to the race. Raffle tickets will be given away for each item donated and a raffle will be held at the awards ceremony following the race.

Please join us for this exciting family-friendly Fall sporting event and help support a worthy cause. For more information about the race, directions and a list of donation suggestions, please visit <> or <> .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Omaha CX Course Update

I paid a visit to Swanson Park and the city has mowed the park to perfection. Just a little trim work on the climb tomorrow and the course will be in perfect shape. There might be a few soft spots if Bellevue gets more rain, but what is cyclocross without a little bit of mud?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Basic Cyclocross Clinic This Sunday!

Sunday September 27th 1-3PM Joyride Bicycles in Lincoln will be holding a free basic cyclocross clinic. This clinic will be great for the beginner racer and the racer that still needs some work on the fundamentals of cross.

Cyclocross racer Sydney Brown will be conducting the clinic, showing the techniques for dismounting/remount, carrying, and handling barriers with your bike. Other topics will be on equipment, the basics of a cyclocross bike and what is needed to race.

Read more at Nebraska Cycling News

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Omaha Cyclocross Weekend Information

Omaha Cyclocross Weekend
October 3rd and 4th , 2009
Swanson Park, Bellevue, Nebraska
Sponsored by Xtreme Wheels

The Velo Veloce Cycling Club invites all cyclocross riders to the Omaha area to participate in the opening weekend of the Nebraska Cyclocross Series, October 3rd and 4th. Swanson is an excellent venue, with a flowing course and, of course, the sand. New this year will be will be a set of barriers. First day features power climbs suited to the explosive rider, while the course in reverse on Sunday flows fast and favors the smooth bike handler. (USA Cycling Permit 2009-2362)

Time Race Duration Payout Entry Fee*
12 p.m. Mens 3/4 40 min 30/25/20 $20
1 p.m. Women 1/2/3 45 min 35/20 $20
1 p.m. Men 40+/50+ 45 min. 35/25/20 $20
2 p.m. Men 4 30 min. Merch $20
2 p.m. Women 4 30 min. Merch $20
2 p.m. Junior Men 30 min. Merch $10
2 p.m. Junior Women 30 min Merch $10
3 p.m. Mens 1/2/3 60 min. 70/40/35/30/25 $25
Time Race Duration Prize List Entry Fee*
9 a.m. Mens 3/4 40 min 30/25/20 $20
10 a.m. Women /2/3 45 min 30/20 $20
10 a.m. Men 40+/50+ 45 min. 30/25/20 $20
11 a.m. Men 4 30 min. Merch $20
11 a.m. Women 4 30 min. Merch $20
11 a.m. Junior Men 30 min. Merch $10
11 a.m. Junior Women 30 min Merch $10
12 p.m. Mens 1/2/3 60 min. 70/40/35/30/25 $25

The Fine Print: All riders must have a racing license or purchase a 1-day license for $10. 1-day license available only for those racing Cat 4. Mtn bikes can be used without bar-ends. Helmets must be worn at all times when on a bike. Lapped riders finish on the lead lap. $10 to enter an additional race on the same day. On-site registration will close 15 minutes before each event. If you need more information or need recommendations on accomadations, please contact the organizer at drcrist at cox dot net

Directions to Swanson: From I-80, take Hwy 75 south, exit at Cornhusker Road. Turn right (west) onto Cornhusker Road. Go west approx. 1 mile to what would be 34th St. Look for a brick sign with scrolling letters for the Bellevue Fire Dept Training Center. Turn right, and the park entrance is about 75 yards ahead on the left.