Monday, October 19, 2009

Nebraska Riders Take on Kansas

This is just a quick recap of the weekend in Kansas - comment with more/missing results and details.

Boulevard Cup

Good day for Nebraskans in KC. Sydney Brown won the open womens race, Craig Schmidt won the master 40+ cat 4 race (23 riders-heck of a number for that class), and Randy Crist won the cat 3 race.

Capital Cup

There were a number of Nebraska riders in attendance. Vaughn Pierce and Rich Anderson were in the cat 3 mens race and rode well; Mark Savery, Troy Krause, Nate Woodman and Matt Tillinghast raced 1/2/3, with Troy finishing on the podium in 4th; Craig Schmidt had a great result in cat 4, finishing 2nd. Randy Crist was 2nd in Cat 3.

On the women's side, Sydney Brown duked it out early with Catherine Walberg but took over the lead on the second lap holding on for the win.

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